Sublimate: Patrice Scott – Soul 2 Seoul – Faso – Ephraim – Sagotsky


Calling all Sublimators! After a brief hiatus in Europe, we are thrilled to be back in Brooklyn, our beloved home. On Friday, August 22nd we are bringing you another 12 hour soirée in a rather charming loft. This time around we are honored to host our first Detroit artist: Patrice Scott. We are guaranteed an expertly crafted set of utter deepness. This is a rare opportunity to catch Patrice; we are thrilled to showcase him at a proper underground – it has been a long time since Brooklyn was last graced with such an opportunity. For this shindig, we also welcome back Soul 2 Seoul. These two have been making waves in Brooklyn with their dynamic and catchy take on house. The boys also run Basement Floor, one of our favorite local imprints. Rounding out the bill are Sublimate residents Faso, Ephraim, and Sagotsky. Sublimate is quickly becoming known for the caliber of its residents and their ability to strike an emotional chord on the dance floor.

Patrice Scott is one of Detroit’s top producers of deep house and techno music. He is a true musician, equally adept whether he’s behind the mixing console or in the studio. Patrice’s musical canon is marked by its substance, quality, and diversity. He has a fascination with and desire to be anything but the norm. His label, Sistrum Recordings, was launched in October of 2006. Since then, we’ve found it hard not to snatch up nearly every release. His vision for Sistrum is to continue to provide quality music for the masses, yet never deviate from the maxim: Do not be afraid to be different!

For the uninitiated, at Sublimate you can expect an intimate location, proper vibes, solid sound and a cheap bar. RSVP to for location details and watch this space for announcements. We cannot wait to get sublimated with you – see you on the dance floor! A limited quantity of $10 Early bird tickets are available on RA here.  Snatch yours before the price rises to a still-totally-reasonable $15.

Sublimate: Ephraim – Dahlia – Sagotsky

Sublimate: Ephraim - Dahlia - Sagotsky

Sublimate is proud to present an intimate soiree at our favorite Hi-Fi den for night of pure vinyl bliss. We welcome special guest and longtime sublimator Ephraim harkening back from the ol’ sublime days of Donna. Ef crushed it opening our first underground event w/ Sycorax last November. Our beloved mistress of mystery, keeper of the dub, deep house slaya’ – Dahlia is ready to throw down prime-fuckin’-time. Sassy Sagotsky rounds out the bill with his charming and quirky approach to haus.

Sublimate: Jane Fitz – Soul 2 Seoul – Sagotsky

Sublimate: Jane Fitz - Soul 2 Seoul - Sagotsky

**Secret location rsvp to: for details**
*Open bar 11p-12a – come early – get sublimated*

We were incredibly blessed to be introduced to Jane Fitz last summer at Freerotations. Indeed we chose her on her merits as a selector, and nothing more. Sublimate is proud to feature Jane for a proper underground event in Brooklyn.


We are also super psyched to feature Soul 2 Seoul for their Sublimate debut. This duo is well known in the underground scene for their ability to rock a party with their eclectic vinyl only sets. “half Korean, half African, half American” may leave you wondering what to expect, but have no fear this NJ born – NY bred dj duo knows how to keep it real – real groovy that is! They also run the freshly minted label Basement Floor, whose first two releases have earned a steady home in our record bags.

Last but not least, Sublimate resident Sagotsky rounds out the bill. His consistent approach to house along with his infectious charm behind the console keep us coming back for more every time!

Sublimate Saturdays!

Sublimate Saturdays!

Sublimate: Olin – Dahlia – Faso – Sagotsky

Sublimate: Olin - Dahlia - Faso - Sagotsky

Run it back February 1…


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This time we are bringing you a very special guest all the way from Europe. Originally hailing from Chicago, Amir Alexander is a true musician with an impressive discography. He has faithfully sublimated the classic sounds of Detroit, Chicago, and New York into timeless, divine, and gritty underground house. We should also mention we are talking about a 20-year veteran of vinyl DJ’ing, with the technical chops to lift our feet off the dance floor and leave our jaws planted firmly on it. In his tech rider, Amir requested not two, but three turntables. We honestly have no idea what he is up to, but we’re guessing you don’t want to miss it.

We are also excited to bring back our very own duo I am vs Dahlia. If you made it until the closing set of our first party, where they kept us jamming until 8am, you will remember the undeniable chemistry that they share and that we all shared as the sun rose on that fateful November day. We can’t be more thrilled by the potential of this duo and we are honored to have them be part of the sublimate family.

Who better to round out the bill than our esteemed residents Faso and Sagotsky? These two have both been making waves (both figuratively and literally) in the New York underground scene. Our events would not be the same without their smiles, charm, and infectious appreciation for quality music.

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We’re celebrating January 10…

January 10th

Special birthday edition of Sublimate for Sagotsky

For our second event we are absolutely psyched to host Hakim Murphy. Hakim is an extremely talented DJ and producer hailing from Chicago. The last time we got a chance to catch Hakim in an intimate setting he absolutely blew our minds. His style lies towards the experimental side of house and techno, and he is adept at rocking dance floors. Hakim’s journey began as a dancer in Chicago as a lot of his musical influences comes from Larry Heard, Robert Armani, Dance Mania, Relief, and Cajual records. As a Chicago footwork dancer, Hakim gradually became inspired by the music and began playing records in 1996. Since then Hakim has ventured into production work and eventually founded two records labels in 2008: Machining Dreams; and Synapsis Records with Avondale Music Society.

We are also delighted to be hosting our friend Jeffrey Scott. Jeff is truly a jack of all trades in the dance circuit. His sets are always well thought out and unique. Jeff has broad musical tastes and the chops to deliver. Others must agree: Jeff holds down residences for Sheik ‘N’ Beik and Resolute two other well respected underground parties.

Our favorite ape-like cryptid, Faso, will be rounding out the bill. If you attended our first party you already know that you’re in for an incredible treat. This DJ delivers the goods – we can simply leave it at that.

Rounding out the bill is Sagotsky, your Sublimate resident and co-founder. A major practitioner of proximal house, ‘black crack’, smiles, and good vibes.

Open Bar 11pm-12am
come early
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